Health Benefits of Surfing Daily

surfing healthy

Scientists have researched for a long time about the benefits of working out – mental benefits, improved cardiovascular system, and durability are among them. Such benefits are worth your sweat and time because a healthy lifestyle increases the chances of a prolonged life.

Even though there aren’t any 100% efficient methods that guarantee good health, it’s definitely a combination of physical activity and healthy food – a good diet supplemented by daily workout provides your body with perfect ingredients to maintain a sublime state of health.

And the good thing for us surf addicts, is that this all comes natural. Heck, it even goes for newbies that are willing to learn, as the frequent getting up takes a lot of energy too.

As long as we refrain from junk food that bombards our body with calories, we will benefit from all this:

1. Exercise like Surfing Manages Weight

When we eat, we take in calories and when we engage ourselves in some sort of physical activity (surfing!), we burn calories.

The amount of calories you gain depends on the type and amount of food you eat, and the calories you burn depends on the duration and intensity of your activity. We all know surfing is intense, so we’re golden here.

2. Reduces Stress and Boosts Up Mood

Keeping your body active not only improves your physical functions but also boosts up your mentality. Two well-known advantages of surfing are stress reduction and happiness. Like all exercises, it helps you manage stress by increasing concentrations of norepinephrine that controls and mitigates your brain’s response to stress. Exercise also releases something called endorphins which induces feelings of happiness. It also boosts your confidence and self-esteem and sets your mindset on achieving goals.

3. Fights Diseases and Maintains Health

Surfing (and sports in general) prevents or combats a diversity of diseases, from cardiovascular diseases to diabetes. Research states that being a couch potato increases your risk of getting diabetes by 14% among middle aged people and of course, getting obese.

No matter what your weight is, being physically active keeps your blood flowing swiftly which reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Along these benefits, exercise also helps prevents a wide range of diseases including type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, some types of cancer and arthritis.

4. Increased Endurance and Better Sleep

Do you feel exhausted by your daily routine? Probably not, as a daily surfing routine greatly increases your durability and endurance. This supplies tissues with nutrients and oxygen and also aids the performance of your cardiovascular system. When critical organs such as heart and lung function vigorously, you have more energy and capacity to tend to your daily tasks.