What to Bring on Your Beach Trips

beach packing

Since this website is mostly about surfing, we pretty much know what it takes to enjoy our days on the beach. So for that reason, you non-surfing fellow humans, we’ll let you in on the basics of a well organized beach trip.

When you and your friends are getting ready for a trip to the beach, especially if you’re driving and not flying, you should always pack light. Unless someone has a bus and there’s plenty of space for large suitcases, you should go for a smaller tote or backpack for all the basic beach gear.

However, despite limited space, there are some things you should not forget to take with you. The all-important essentials. Provided that food and drinks are to be shared with your friends (so we’re not going to include that on this list), here are ten things you should have with you on your next beach trip.

1. Swimsuits, extra clothes, towels

If it’s just a day trip to the beach, you only need one swimsuit but if you will be there for two or more days, better bring at least two swimsuits so you won’t be wearing the same thing over and over – remember, you will be taking photos for sure! Common sense dictates that you should also prepare your extra clothes, towels, and toiletries.

Also, you’ll regret it if you use your towel on the beach if you want to lay down on the sand because it will be dirty by the time you need it when you take a bath. Bring a beach mat or a blanket instead.

2. Sunblock

You absolutely need sunblock. No excuses. You might want to get a nice tan but you still have to wear sunblock. Otherwise, you might be having some skin issues later on or very painful sun burn.

3. Sunglasses

Enjoy the sound of the waves, the soft sand between your toes and the lovely sunlight while in the beach but remember to wear your sunglasses. Not only will this be stylish but it will also protect your eyes.

4. Mobile phone

Of course you need your mobile phone. If you have one with a good camera, you can use it for photos. But you primarily need your mobile phone so you can make and receive calls, especially for emergencies.

5. Bluetooth speaker

A bluetooth speaker would also be a nice thing to bring. It isn’t as bulky as full-sized speakers and there are many bluetooth speakers that do not require a power outlet to work.

6. Power bank

You will most likely run out of power if you use your phone to take photos and listen to music all day. Bring a power bank with you so you can recharge your phone and other compatible gadgets when the juice runs low.

7. Waterproof case for your gadgets

There are countless stories of damaged phones and cameras simply because of sand and water. Make your trip worry-free with a waterproof case for your gadgets.

8. Beach slippers or shoes

Walking barefoot or with your leather shoes on is not exactly a good idea. It is best to protect your feet with beach slippers or shoes.

For even more tips, here is a really good guide.