My boards are made of wood and natural materials, because i care the oceans and wildlife, my research is focused on creating high performance surfboards using the best from nature, increasing strength and longlasting the life of a
board, for example, the small dings heals in a few days due to the shape memory of my wood. The board, with the passage of time, acquires the signs of aging and his history, which makes it unique and more beautiful.


wood has always been part of my cultural heritage





Self Repairing

we realize that the world is as we imagine it and not as they dictate us


The birth of Solo Surfboards is the realization of a dream. My name is Luca Bressan, I was raised in Valdobbiadene, in the mountains of northern Italy, a village two hours from the Mediterranean Sea.

My winters were made of fir trees covered with snow, but I spent summer vacations at the sea waiting for a storm to play with the waves.

Deciding to build wooden surfboards near the mountains may seem crazy, but when I discovered that this madness was possible then the world has taken another form.

Wood, in fact, has always been part of my cultural heritage, my horizon has always been obscured by trees and mountains, the scent of the forest is part of my natural imprinting: this is how the salt has met the wood.

I was able to give shape to my passion customizing bikes, then building snowboards. The transition to surf shaping was natural for me.
My background as a product designer is what makes my boards unique.
In all fields innovators are those who can see things in a different point of view, trying to do things that no one has ever done before.

The project has prompted me to live near the waves, moving to Fuerteventura to look for a healthy lifestyle and a job that will give me the time to surf. From the first day I landed, I felt a strong attraction, found waves and variety of spots that allow me to surf all year round.

Move from fantasy to reality has consequences: we realize that the world is as we imagine it and not as they dictate us.

the uniqueness of each wave, as the uniqueness of each person who rides it