My surfboards are made of wood and natural materials, because I care about the Oceans, wildlife and the clean air. My research is focused on creating high performance surfboards using the best from nature, increasing strength and longlasting the life of a board, while keeping the typical lightweight of modern surfboards.


MiniSimmons 4'11"-23,13"-3"-39, 5lt - 4kg: as we put our eyes on this kind of boards we have to thank always the huge work of Bob ...

Short 2

Short2 6'2"-18,75"-2,5"-29lt - 3,2kg. This board is made to ride pushing and steep waves, it has a full length concave going flat ...


Picture: 5.6-21.5-2.5 32 liters - 3.2kg. This shape is very versatile, I make two very different designs. For the summer waves: th...

Short 1

Picture: 5.9-19.5-2.5 27 liters - 3.4kg. This shortboard is made for waves from 1,5ft to 6ft, it has a slightly full nose and a ro...

The uniqueness of each wave, as the uniqueness of each person who rides it.



Almost all of the surfboards are made with polluting materials, not biodegradable and non-recyclable. My research is focused on creating a great biocompatible product. Technology is critical to obtain a innovative, performing and completely natural board.


Surf and design are closely related, especially in my case. I had a long trial before I get to make wooden boards extremely lightweight and high performance without the use of fiberglass.


I design my boards in 3D, I shape them primarly with CNC machine and I make the final tunings by hand. This process let me the ability to increase strenght only where needed and leave the board very light. For the waterproof treatment, I use only natural linseed oil.


Wood has a shape memory: small dents heal in a few days. The board, with the passage of time, acquires the signs of aging and its history, which makes it unique and makes it more beautiful, still remaining performative.

The world is as we imagine it and not as they dictate us

about me

I was raised in Valdobbiadene, at the base of the Dolomites Mountains in the northern Italy, a village two hours from the Mediterranean Sea. It was 8 October 1993, the end of summer. Cruising the coast near Venezia, with two friends we found two old boards left on the beach from a windsurf school… it was my very first wave, the beginning of all I’am doing now. Deciding to build wooden surfboards near the mountains may seem crazy, but when I discovered that this madness was possible then the world has taken another form.
Wood, in fact, has always been part of my cultural heritage, my horizon has always been shaped by trees and mountains, the scent of the forest is part of my natural imprinting. The project has prompted me to live near the waves, moving to Fuerteventura to surf. From the first day I landed I’ve found waves and variety of spots that allow me to surf all year round.


Wood has always been part of my cultural heritage


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